Best way(s) to watch Formula 1 LIVE

Every Formula 1 fan knows that nothing is better than watching Formula 1 in real-time. It happens that sometimes people miss the race (they are at work during the race, for example), so they watch it later. Have you ever done that, watching the race when it’s over? If your answer is “yes”, you know the difference. In most cases, you already know not just who won the race, but even some details. Despite that you enjoy watching because Formula 1 race is not just about knowing what happened but, more importantly, to see how things happened. However, it is not the same If you see it after it’s all over. So never miss the chance to watch Formula 1 LIVE.

The question is - what is the best way to watch F1 LIVE?

Watch Formula 1 races on TV

Some people prefer watching Formula 1 races on TV, while others consider online live streams a better option.

TV is so old-fashion, we live in the era of computers and the internet! OK, I’m not serious about this. We do live in the internet era, but that doesn’t mean that no one is watching telly anymore and that people are throwing TV’s through their windows as useless trash. Besides, it’s not nice to throw anything on the street just like that, you could hurt someone.

Joking aside, we’re spending much time on the internet as well as in front of the TV. Regarding Formula 1, it’s up to you to make the choice between TV and internet.

Most of you can watch Formula 1 live at local TV channels. However, some people are not satisfied with these broadcasts, besides, it’s good to have more than one option. So, let’s take a look at some alternatives.

Watch Formula 1 live streaming

Have you ever tried F1TV Live Stream? I’m starting with this one because it’s from the official Formula 1 website. You can’t miss with official websites.


F1TV PRO offers you to watch all F1 free practice sessions, qualifying and races live with onboard camera views as well as radio messages included, all commercial-free and with multi-language commentary. Moreover, it includes the “Formula 1 on-demand” option that gives you access to race replays, highlights, and F1 race archive if you like the history of this sport (who doesn’t?). This pleasure would cost you €7.99 per month.

There’s an option to subscribe to F1 on-demand only, it costs €2.99 per month, but it doesn’t include watching Formula 1 live. And remember what has been said at the beginning? Never miss watching F1 live. Therefore, F1TV PRO is a far better option. It is certainly worth paying more for it. I know that not everyone can pay more, but you must admit that these days we buy lots of things that we don’t need. You can give up on buying unnecessary rubbish and save some money. Some might start talking about capitalism and consumerism here, but we are talking about the best ways to watch Formula 1 live here. F1TV PRO may be a perfect choice, but not the only one, of course.

Sky Sports F1

There are other internet live streams and TV channels that are pretty good. Sky Sports F1, for example. Sky has the exclusive rights to show Formula 1 events in UK and Ireland and they’re doing it well – they have people all around the track and provide the viewers with decent analysis and interviews with F1 drivers and team members. Remember Damon Hill, Martin Brundle, Paul di Resta, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button? Sure you do, I mean you must remember at least some of them (Nico Rosberg retired just a few years ago as a Champion so even the youngest F1 fans remember him, I suppose). Well, they are part of the Sky Sports F1 presentation team. The problem is that Sky Sports F1 TV channel is not available in everyone’s home. But wait, don’t throw your TV out, you may need it for watching something else, there’s another way of accessing Sky Sports F1. You can get Sky Sports pass on NOW TV. There are Month Pass and Day pass. Check the offers on NOW TV website and see what option suits you. What might be a problem with this option is wanting only Sky Sports F1, not 11 Sky Sports channels. If you love all sports, it’s a great offer, you can watch live streams on TV, computer or mobile device, 6 devices can be connected, you can watch the event on 3 devices at the same time, but what If you want one particular channel to watch Formula 1 live, it is better to choose f1tv I mentioned earlier instead of paying for channels you don’t need.


ESPN is also worth mentioning when we talk about watching Formula 1 live. Do you have the access to their channels on TV? If you do, try it. If you don’t, use the benefits of the internet. There is an ESPN app, also streaming services that provide ESPN Formula 1 coverage – YouTube, Sling TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV Now – feel free to check the prices, availability and see what works for you.

I was about to mention RTL, but I’ve just remembered that they announced giving up Formula 1 after they had broadcasted races for over 30 years. It’s sad, I’ll ask you for a minute of silence.


There are more options for watching Formula 1 live, I’ve chosen the most reliable and high-quality ones. If I had to choose one, it would be F1TV PRO. Why? Here’s a summary of everything that has been said in this article. Not everyone can watch Sky Sports F1 on TV, not everyone need 11 Sky Sports channels so it’s ridiculous to pay for all of them, not everyone has access to ESPN Channels, even apps and all streaming services don’t work for everyone, but f1tv is available to most of us (it can’t be used in every country due to right restrictions, but they are working on expansion).

Get ready for the season restart! Sign up to F1 TV Pro and you’ll get a massive 20% off. Get more from every race with live streaming, onboard cameras, team radio and much more. It’s the best way to experience Formula 1.