Formula 1 constructor standings

Season: 2021 - Round: 16

1. Mercedes (German)
433.5 points, 6 wins
2. Red Bull (Austrian)
397.5 points, 8 wins
3. McLaren (British)
240 points, 1 wins
4. Ferrari (Italian)
232.5 points, 0 wins
5. ()
104 points, 1 wins
6. AlphaTauri (Italian)
92 points, 0 wins
7. ()
61 points, 0 wins
8. Williams (British)
23 points, 0 wins
9. Alfa Romeo (Italian)
7 points, 0 wins
10. Haas (American)
0 points, 0 wins


At the end of the 2020 competition year, Mercedes finished the season in the first position of the ranking. It is for the seventh consecutive time when the German team manages to win the most prestigious car competition for constructors. The drivers of the Mercedes team, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas ranked at the end of the championship on the first two positions in the Formula 1 drivers' world championship.

Red Bull

Ranked second in the world constructors' championship, Red Bull was the only team that was able to try and in some places succeed in creating problems for the Mercedes team. Ranked third in the World Drivers' Championship, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen managed to finish first on the podium in two of the 17 races of the 2020 season.


The surprise of the 2020 season is without a doubt the McLaren team that managed to rank on the third position of the podium in the constructors' world championship after a fierce fight for this position with the Racing Point and Renault teams. McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Spain Carlos Sainz Jr. finished twice on the podium (one each) finishing the world championship of drivers in positions 6 (Carlos) and 9 (Lando).

Racing Point

Although listed at the beginning of the season with the third chance due to the Mercedes engine and due to the technical similarities between the Racing Point cars and the Mercedes cars from the 2019 season, the Racing Point team finished the 2020 season in the fourth position in the world constructors' championship. Sergio Pérez managed to bring for his team a victory and another podium classification, finishing the world championship of the drivers on the fourth position and Lance Stroll managed a podium classification.


The Renault team ranked fifth at the end of the world constructors' championship. Through his driver Daniel Ricciardo, the French team managed to get two podium finishes. Daniel Ricciardo finished the world drivers' championship in fifth place.


The biggest disappointment of the season is the fact that the Ferarri team failed to rank in one of the first three places at the end of the World Constructors' Championship finishing in 6th place. This has not happened for 40 years. The Maranello team did not manage a single victory in the 2020 season.


Considered the Red Bull sister team, the AlphaTauri team finished the 2020 season of the world constructors' championship in the seventh position. The Italian team managed a victory through its pilot Pierre Gasly who ranked 10th at the end of the drivers' world championship.

Alfa Romeo

The team of experienced pilot Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, finished the 2020 season of the constructors' world championship in the eighth position. The Swiss team managed to rank five times in positions that brought them points.


The only American team in Formula 1 finished the 2020 season of the World Constructors' Championship in ninth place. The Haas team managed to rank twice in positions that brought them points.


One of the most titled Formula 1 team, the Williams team finished the 2020 season of the constructors' world championship in the last position, failing to win even a single point.

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